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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Julie Got Married Yesterday

At 7 o'clock last night, we all gathered around the computer. I was the first, along with Trinity, sleeping next to me on the couch. We logged on to the computer to watch Julie (in a live internet broadcast) marry Will at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Although, I was a little teary all day because I wasn't going to be there in person. This was definitely the next-best-thing. So, we logged on at 5 minutes before the wedding and waited. Just after 7, the wedding started. It was a small ceremony- family only. Julie's mom looked beautiful. Joey walked her down the aisle. And both of Julie's nieces and her nephew were in the wedding. Will stood at the front with Cole (Julie's nephew) and they played one song before Julie's dad walked her down the aisle. She was breathtakingly beautiful, as we expected. Her dress was gorgeous- very classic, very Julie. My favorite part was the vows. When Julie said I take William to be my "husband" she smiled so bright and said husband in the cutest way a true texas girl can. It was adorable.

So, congratulations to the Happy Newlyweds. We hope that 2009 brings you joy and happiness like you've never imagined! We love you!!!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Special Christmas Eve

2 years ago, our Baby Maddux was just 3 weeks old at Christmas and we were the Holy Family during the Christmas Eve service at church. In fact, Maddux was baby Jesus and Bakri was toddler Jesus. He was also in the story and switched places with Maddux before we walked out.

This Christmas Eve, we were blessed to be the Holy family again. But, this time with our 3 month old daughter, Trinity. When we were asked to be a part of this special service, we wanted to do it. We thought it would be a wonderful gift to give Trinity. Its not something she'll remember, but we thought it would be special to share with her and include in her babybook memories. We had no idea what a special experience it would be for our entire family.

When the story portion of the service ended, Pastor Dave McKechnie made his way to the stage and I handed Trinity to him. He carried her in his arms and introduced her to the crowd. He told everyone her name and had them repeat it back several times. He then talked about the meaning of "Trinity" and he prayed the most beautiful blessing over her and asked the congregation to join him in praying for Trinity. What an amazing night.

The boys sat in awe on the front row with my parents and Melinda. Bakri was asked what he likes on his peanut butter sandwich by the pastor. He replied "jelly" of course. The pastor was explaining to the children how helpless a little baby is and how they can't even make a peanut butter sandwich for themselves. And that God chose to send a savior to the world in the most nonthreatening form- that of a little baby.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Visit with Santa Claus

Maddux loved his visit with Santa Claus. Seriously, that is what he says. He talks about sitting on Santa's lap and how he wants Santa to read to him. We haven't said anything to him about crying. I am guessing he remembers that part, but is just choosing to block it out and pretend like it was a great visit. At least we have these soon to be classic photos of him that we can share for years to come and all get a little giggle!

Bakri, on the other hand, really did love his visit with Santa! He asked Santa for a bicycle. I did my best to lead him into wanting a tricycle first. Moustapha and I figured he'd enjoy a bike after he rides a trike for a little while. Since our house was either under construction or we were out of the house over the last year, we didn't have driveway access for the kids to ride tricycles. So, now is the time!

Trinity was precious during her visit with Santa. She was unphased by Maddux's crying and then she really lit up when it was her turn to sit with Santa by herself. My mom got her this beautiful outfit from Janie and Jack which I put her in over and over again during Christmas, because I just thought she looked so beautiful. She is such a sweet baby. I can't believe she is already 3 months old. It is unbelievable how fast time goes the older you get and the more children you have. Or maybe its both. Or the fact that I am older and have more children. Either way, it is super fast. I just want to hold on to every precious moment!

Christmas Day Lunch with the Maddux Family

Our Christmas tree...it is absolutely FULL of ornaments. I joked that we needed another tree for all of our ornaments. But, seriously, its no joke. I am going to be putting up another tree next year! I have so many ornaments, that I think I can put a tree together with a theme...but, you'll have to wait until next year to see what that will be!Each year my parents give each of us ornaments. I am the one who writes everybody's names on them. And this year the ornaments are big red trucks. You can see them sitting on the tables.

Our Christmas table.

The food was amazing. My mom cooked everything and brought it over warm. All I had to do was put it in the oven and thanks to my wonderful husband, my 50 year old O'keefe and Merritt stove was up and running for the first time in almost a year. Moustapha took it apart to restore it. It is looking really great! And it works! That is the most important part.

The kids (James, Bakri and Maddux) sat at this table. Bakri had already enjoyed some sausage balls and water, so that is why one of the plates looks dirty....because it is!
Our fireplace included 8 stockings this year. One for each of us...and 1 for each of the kids "first Christmas" stockings.

We put the kids table in the entry way. The hope was that blocking one of the "tracks" in the house that the kids like to run on, we would decrease the amount of running. For some reasons when cousins get together, they begin running and they seem to never stop. And in our house they can run a big circle around the first floor. It is so loud and a little frustrating for the adults in the house. This table in the entry way did help a little, but it certainly did not stop the running game completely.

Christian joined us at the adult table. He's 18 months old. So, he's not quite ready to join the big boys. Next year, though, he'll definitely be part of the running crew at the kid table!

More views of dinner. Here is grandmother enjoying her great cooking and Moustapha also enjoying.

After we opened presents, we had our annual Birthday party for Jesus. The boys look forward to this very special tradition.

Grandmother and Grandfather gave each of the younger boys wheel barrows and yard tools and they gave the older boys Krazy Kars. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the Krazy Kars in action yet, but you can see below all the yard work that was taking place on Christmas day!

Trinity had some special time opening presents, ornaments and a few Christmas cards. My parents also stayed to watch her reactions. She got a beautiful new abc blanket with her name and birthday on it and some precious ornaments. She was very happy!

Here I am showing her a new dress. She loves bows and flowers!

Christmas Morning

It is always our goal to get a family picture on Christmas morning. The kids were very happy and cute in their matching pajamas! Rebekah, Maddux, Bakri and Trinity under the tree!

All five of us (and Curious George) for our Christmas morning PJ photo!

The boys love their helmets and really enjoyed riding the tricycles in the house!

Bakri and Trinity posing on Bakri's trike.

All 3 kids (and Curious George) and the brand new tricycles.

Sue's Getting Hitched!

5 days before Christmas and all through the hotel...the ladies were in Austin....Sue's engagement story to tell....

The stockings were given...and other unmentionables that night...with hopes that Sue Fly would soon wed her Mr. Right

Although I'm not pictured...I really was there! :-)

PoeCo Christmas Party

Bakri attends PoeCo- which is a Parent Cooperative Nursery School based at Poe Elementary. Poe Elementary is our neighborhood Elementary School located just around the corner from our house. On Friday before Christmas, PoeCo had their Holiday party and they also went caroling in the neighborhood.

Maddux enjoyed rocking the boat!

Bakri loves to play on the playground at PoeCo.

The day included lots of yummy holiday food, singing and playing on the playground. The kids walked through the neighborhood and sang carols for some of the neighbors. (The houses we went to knew we were coming!) But, it was fun for the kids. Bakri's favorite song of the 5 they sang is Jingle Bells. In the video below he is singing with his classmates and he continues to sing when everyone stops the song early.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More pictures of the kids and house

Yesterday, I put Trinity in this outfit that our friend Nell sent her. It is the cutest little outfit that came with a headband and bow. I just assumed that she wouldn't like having something wrapped around her head. Boy was I wrong!? As soon as I put it on her she began smiling and laughing. She was so happy! My girl loves ribbons and bows, I guess. And I have to say that she did look so very adorable with a bow on her head. So, bring on the headbands and bows! Trinity loves them!
A view as you look toward the dining room from kitchen. My cousins Jennifer and Brandon gave us this adorable "El-Hakam" plate when we got married. We love it and are really excited to have such a great place to display it.

Here are the boys in their room before naptime this afternoon. This is Bakri's bed. Maddux still sleeps in a crib. So far, he is happy with that. So, we're not messing with a good thing. As soon as he is ready, he'll move to the trundle- which will be part of Bakri's bed. And can be pulled out and then pushed back when they get up in the morning. Since their room as 4 big windows, that is really the only option. We don't want to put a child's bed next to a window.

Our happy little girl, Trinity.

Here is another picture of Bakri and Maddux's room. We just got shutters for their windows. They are called cafe shutters and look really cute. We needed to have something to protect them. And this seems to work really well and looks great in their room.

I painted letters to look like baseball stitches. This is Maddux's name on the wall.

And here is Bakri's. I also painted 2 canvases of baseball jerseys with their names on them for their first birthday's. I'm still thinking about what I can paint for Trinity on her first birthday. It probably won't be a baseball jersey, but you never know! I welcome any and all suggestions!