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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trinity's Latest Tricks

So, Trinity is 7 months old now. And getting bigger by the minute, it seems. We kind of thought she would probably slim down some once she started crawling around everywhere- but that was at 6 months- which was the same time she started eating baby solid foods. She still drinks the same amount of breastmilk AND eats 3 full meals a day. So, the crawling really hasn't done anything for her very adorable figure!

And we LOVE IT! Have I told you how cute her chubby legs are??? They are so adorable and so great to squeeze on! She is the happiest baby ever.

Trinity is still saying Mama, Up and Baba (which is daddy in Arabic.) We don't call Moustapha that, but we always talk about it whenever we have a baby who starts saying Baba. She really hasn't added any new words to her vocabulary. When we say Bye Bye- she says "Baba." And when we say Brother- she says "Baba." When we say Ball she says "Ba." So, if you count that then she can say 6 words- but since 3 of them sound the same, we'll stick with 3! She also mimicks the boys. If they say AAAH- she'll say AAAH. If they say OOOOH. She'll say OOOOOH. It's super cute.

On Tuesday she started whistling. It was really funny. She just puckers her lips together and blows in and out and it makes a whistling sound- clear as can be. I've yet to be able to capture this on video. But, I'll keep trying.

I mentioned in my last post that she is pulling up to stand now. She started this a couple of days ago. She is still trying to figure out how to get down. And today she climbed 2 steps. How am I going to keep up with these children??? I am totally outnumbered! :-) This video shows her pulling up to stand today with a little baby play mirror. She is very proud of herself. Click here to see it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Butterfly Garden and Bug Party- a great idea!

We went to one of the best AND most age appropriate birthday parties for one of Bakri's friends a couple of weeks ago. She turned four and had a bug themed birthday party in her back yard. If you are ever throwing a birthday party for a four year old and need an idea, this is a great one! Trinity in her flower headband given to her by the birthday girl and her mom.
The kids were hunting for bugs in this photo. The parents went to a local nursery and bought bags of ladybugs for the party. They are supposed to be great for your yard. And they released them for the kids to catch. Look at all of the kids actively engaged in this activity. It was so cool!

Ooh!!! I think I got one!

The boys on their way to the party.

The birthday girl and her ladybug cake. So cute! And yummy!

We were given nets, bug houses, lady bugs, bags, etc. and the girls were given butterfly wings. One of the other party favors we received were seeds to plant a butterfly garden- which I think is just basically a wildflower garden. We started with our cups, some soil and the seeds and left them in the kitchen window to grow. The boys were amazed by this and just how quickly they grew. Even I was amazed. It was really neat. So, today we planted them in the backyard- Our very own butterfly garden. Trinity was supposed to be taking a nap- I left her in her crib and turned on the monitor. The next thing you know, the child is screaming at the top of her lungs. So, I go to grab her and she is standing in her crib crying. Yes, she is 7 months old and standing in her crib. I think she was crying because she didn't know how to get down. So, anyway, she ended up in the jumpy thingy watching us plant. No nap for that active girlie!

This is Maddux with the cups before we planted the flowers.

Here are my happy boys after accomplishing our mission- to transplant the flowers into the garden.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Anthony Stephen Maddux

Today a miracle happened.

God delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy to Michael and Patricia. Michael said "God Delivered him and I caught him" and that is the truth.

Anthony Stephen Maddux (our nephew) was born this morning just outside of the Woman's Hospital of Texas. As Michael stopped the car, he opened the passenger door and the baby was delivered weighing 9 pounds 5 ounces. He cried and was healthy. They immediately got Patricia and Anthony inside to be checked. And all is well. James and Christian are doing well too. They were there for it all and are happy to be big brothers.

Now, everyone is resting comfortably in a room. What an entrance!

Welcome to the world, Anthony Stephen! We love you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Happy Family Easter Celebration

We celebrated Easter at St. Andrew's. Here are the boys sitting during the lesson time. I'm the lady in the green dress.
We had a very worshipful Easter morning service. We put both worship teams together. I normally lead 2 weeks in a row and then am off for two weeks. On Easter, we all worked together. It worked really well and was a great service. God is so good. He has provided His Place for us. We are very grateful.
After church (9am service) we hosted our family for brunch at our house. Moustapha's parents, my parents, Melinda, Michael, Patricia, James and Christian all came to our house to celebrate. Amira joined us for the church service, but couldn't make it to brunch. Leila and Matias' and family were still at the ranch that morning.

The boys were adorable in their bowties!

Maddux was really happy that the Easter bunny came to visit.

Moustapha really loves good coffee!

Miss Trinity in her Easter dress.

What's in this basket?

It's getting harder and harder to get a good picture of all of us!

My parents with their 5 grandchildren.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Opening Day with Bakri & Daddy

So, Bakri's birthday party was baseball themed for one reason and one reason only- Bakri LOVES baseball. His grandparents- Moustapha's mom and dad (Grandma and Jiddy) gave him Opening Day tickets for his birthday to see the Astros at Minute Maid Park. I don't think a day has gone by since Last September, that Bakri hasn't asked "Can we go to Minute Maid Park today?" He loves Minute Maid Park and loves the Astros.

Moustapha and Bakri at the Astros' Baseball Game! Thank you, Grandma and Jiddy! We had a great time!!!!

Bakri totally happy to be at the game!

It was a cold night. Luckily the roof was closed for the game. But, Bakri bundled up to get ready to go home. Baseball cap- check! Hoody- check! Jacket- check! Backpack- check! Picture with The Little Pumas- check!

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These are The Little Pumas. They are fans of Lance Berkman (The Big Puma) and the Houston Astros. Bakri and Moustapha met them after the game.

A Prettier Background

So, some of my friends changed their blogs recently to reflect their personal styles'. So, I was inspired to figure out how to do it and found a website that showed me how. It was really easy.

I went to a website called http://www.backgroundfairy.com/ found a background I liked and voila! Yeah! A new (prettier) background for El-Hakam Momma!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Miss Trinity Speaks!

Our baby girl said her first word at Bakri's baseball practice this week. I was totally in shock that she said it...and I pulled out the camera and she said it again. It was really windy, so don't have your speakers up too loud. But, check it out if you can. I think she said it 50 times in the car on the way home. The boys were in shock too. They couldn't believe there was a word actually coming out of her mouth. This is fun!!!!

Our visit to the Fire Station 16

This week we made a special visit to our local Houston Fire Station- Station 16. One of the firetrucks from our station was in an accident with a truck from another station on Monday. It was really scary. All of our firemen are doing well, but some of the others suffered broken bones and a woman riding a bicycle is still in the hospital. Please pray for all of them and their families. To show our support and care for them, we made chocolate chip cookies. I explained to the boys (it a simple way) what had happened and Bakri, especially was very interested in helping to make the cookies and was eager to deliver them to the firestation. We made a couple dozen for the firemen and extras for us. They were very excited to receive the cookies and let the boys explore the station and the firetruck. Here is a photo of the boys with one of the firemen.
Maddux checking out the pole.
So, I have to share this funny story about Maddux. To put it in perspective- it is perfectly acceptable kid talk, but not something I would normally write on my blog.
I had shared with the boys about the firemen and the firetrucks being involved in an accident. I thought I explained things without too much detail, but so that they could understand it simply. The morning we were going to head over to the station Maddux looks at me and says "The firemen pee-peed on himself." I was like, "huh?" ....wait for it.... oh!- The firemen had an accident!- I get it! So, then I explained what an accident is. But, seriously, I don't think I have laughed that much about something in a long time. It was really cute!

Bakri and Maddux really enjoyed our visit to the firestation.

Bakri at the firestation.

Bakri turns Four!

Our first son, Bakri was born on March 24, 2005. Unfortunately, my disk driver is not working on this computer, so when I went to put in a picture from the day he was born, it wouldn't upload. So, I'll just add that later. For now, we can look at this cute one from when he was 19 months old.

I would like to say a few things about our Bakri. He is an incredible kid. He is talented. He loves music, drums, guitar, piano, dinosaurs, insects, memorizing things, spelling and baseball. He has a vivid imagination and loves to act out scenes from books, movies, songs, or episodes from sesame street. And he is really good at it. He has filled the last 4 years of our lives full of surprises, firsts, laughs, and so much joy. It is amazing how much he has changed and developed in the last year. There is such a huge difference between a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old boy!- Thank you, Lord! I know there will be many more challenges and many more blessings ahead. We look forward to them and to a life of growing with Bakri as he grows into the man God intends for him to be. We are so thankful that God blessed us with Bakri. Our hearts overflow with love for our beautiful boy! Happy Birthday, Bakri. We love you!

We recently celebrated Bakri's fourth birthday with one of his most favorite activities- a baseball game! We live down the street from Rice University and are now fans of Rice Owls Baseball. And why not? They are a great team. The ballpark is really nice and its an inexpensive way to see good baseball.
Grandfather and Bakri!

Grandma and Jiddy!
Bakri hanging out with the Rice Baseball players.
Aunt Patricia, Maddux, Christian, James and Uncle Michael having fun at the game.

The birthday crowd! We were quite a crowd!

The kids lined up in front of the field at the birthday party.
Baseball cookies courtesy of el-hakam momma's kitchen.

The party under the tents...it was a windy day, but it only barely sprinkled once. We were thankful to have no rain!

The birthday boy! Jiddy, Bakri and Maddux (in Jiddy's hat)

Singing and cake!
Arriving to the game and party with Trinity.

Group cousin hug!
Bakri's friend Janie! Isn't she adorable!?!?!

After Bakri blew the candles out (and spit on the cake, oops) he enjoyed removing the evidence. Every kid got a cute baseball ring from the cake. I thought that was a clever idea. I wasn't in charge of the cake, so I'm not sure who thought of it.