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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Happiest Day of My Life

Miss Trinity on her birthday in a sombrero!

Miss Trinity at her first birthday family dinner.

Our daughter turned one yesterday and I wrote on my facebook page that the day she was born was one of the "happiest days of my life." And it was. That got me thinking,"what are the happiest days of my life?"

1. the day I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life

2. the day Moustapha asked me to marry him

3. our wedding day

4. the birth of each of our children

I remember thinking how important each day was when I was growing up and throughout high school. I worried about so many things and struggled with dealing with the heartache of having people not like me. As a teenager, I felt like that was always going to be life. It's strange how quickly the present becomes a distant memory in the past. I can barely remember the insecurities of the past and I am very thankful for that.

The day I decided to give my life to the Lord set my life on a path that I am very thankful for. No, life is not perfect. I still have struggles with insecurities and bad decisions. But, when I lean on the Lord, He gives me strength and guides my life.

Every other day that qualifies as a "best day of my life," occurred in adulthood. What does that say about me? I think it gives me some insight to pass along to my children. Although my best days include days with my husband and my children, the best days of my childrens' lives are yet to come. My job is to prepare them for their best days. I get to be a part of all of the days in between now and then. What a responsibility and a blessing.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trinity Turns One!

It's official! It's Trinity's first birthday today! Yeah! Happy Birthday, Trinity! We are so blessed to have you as our daughter. You are healthy, beautiful, kind spirited, loving, funny, peaceful, easy-going, happy, silly, girly, lovely. It is hard to believe you are one today. We were so excited to meet you one year ago. And you are more than we ever dreamed and prayed you would be. God protected you during a storm and brought you to us safely. You have been the calm in the wild storm of our lives ever since. We love you so so much, ladybug!
On Saturday we had a party for our little bug. She had an amazing time celebrating and LOVED all of the attention. She lit up when the room began to sing "happy birthday." It was so precious.
Me and T with some sweet friends.
Bakri having a ladybug cupcake.

Grandmother and Ashley.

The buggy food table.

Trinity enjoying the food at the party.

Standing on the table....eating a cupcake.

With Amira and Steve.

It's my party!

Making her way around the room.

Here she comes!

I painted this for her room. It is "almost" finished. I found some paintings I liked online and used several of them for inspiration. I like the result so far. And I really enjoyed the response from the boys. They were so excited to see me paint this. It was really fun!

I want more food!

With her guests
More party guests.
I took several more pictures, but haven't been able to download them yet. As soon as I do, I will add them here. xoxo, me

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ladybug cake with homemade fondant icing

"Our little ladybug is turning one. Flutter on by to have some fun." That is how the invitation began. And so, we had a bug party to celebrate T's first birthday. What's a bug party without a ladybug cake AND ladybug cupcakes??? Well, we're not going to find out this year, because we had both. And the boys were very helpful in all of our preparations. Luckily, they took shifts. One would be napping and the other would be busily helping me in the kitchen. Or, one would be at school and the other would be assisting me and licking the bowl.

Our "egg" pan. This is what we used to make the body of the ladybug. We used one half of the pan from the baseball cake (which I made for the boys' first birthdays) for the ladybug head.
Mixing the buttercream icing to put on the cake before the fondant.

Making fondant. This was a little tricky, but it tasted 100 times better than the store bought kind. The key to making it smooth for me was refrigerating it. Some internet sites recommended putting it in the microwave to make it more pliable, but mine worked much better when it was cold and less sticky.

Stirring the powdered sugar into the fondant.

powdered sugar on the working surface to add to the fondant.

Cake is done! Now, we are going to put it together and ice it.

I tried to work with the fondant immediately when I made it. This was mainly because the birthday girl started crying in her crib. I didn't go get her instantly, with the hope that she would settle herself down. She did not. So, here is the result. But, the great thing is- the spots on the ladybug will cover the imperfections. Gotta love that!

Yeah! The ladybug with spots. She just needs legs (pipe cleaner,) two antennae (pipe cleaner and two painted styrofoam balls,) and two eyes.

Our big ladybug cake and mini-ladybug cupcakes!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Trip to the plastic surgeon

Here is a picture of our sweet little boy, Maddux on Labor day. So, technically, this is his "before the slide accident" photo.

On the following day, Maddux went to Mother's Day Out. It was his third day. I got a call 25 minutes after leaving him as school. The voice on the other line said "Maddux hit..." Right then, I was afraid Maddux had hit someone. And for a moment I was mortified. Not that my child would hit someone. Obviously, I don't want him hitting other children. But, I know that happens. But, I pray I never get a call that my child has injured another. So, let's go back to that phone call "Maddux hit his eye on the edge of the slide and we thought you should come look at it." I was out the door so fast. It was the longest 5 minute car ride ever. I was just nervous about knowing the right thing to do. I began praying that God would give me wisdom to know what to do.

Maddux wasn't even crying when I went to pick him up. The bleeding had stopped, but he did not look good. The cut was on the bone below his eyebrow and it was very open. I took him to the pediatrician so I could get a recommendation from his doctor. He recommended we take him to a plastic surgeon. He feared that the ER doctors would want to stitch him up and that he would have a larger scar than necessary.
I was at the pediatrician's office waiting as Nurse Kimberly made calls to try and find a plastic surgeon that could see Maddux and stitch him up. Suddenly, I remembered visiting a plastic surgeon's office in the same building just before Trinity was born, when Moustapha had his accident with his finger. I called Moustapha and asked him to call. Luckily, he was available to see Maddux.
Maddux had to get 6 stitches. To say they were beautiful stitches is putting it mildly. They were gorgeous stitches! Maddux had a hard time during the numbing shot, but he was great when the stitches went in. What a trooper!

Here he is feeling a little tired from such a big day! I'll take a picture of him soon and add it as well. You can't even tell he had any stitches. Yeah for Maddux and for his great doctor!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things (2009)

1. when all three children nap at the same time

2. when all three children nap at all

3. when the boys dress themselves

4. sitting on the chaise lounge of my couch watching the kids happily playing

5. when the darkness says "bedtime"

6. not worrying about the next paycheck

7. relaxing with my husband in a peaceful house

8. picking up my child from preschool and being told he had a great day

9. baking, baking and more baking. I really love to bake and seriously missed a huge passion when I had no kitchen. thank you, hubby for my gourmet kitchen and my 1960s restored stove. Love you!

10. Any time I get to spend in California or Hawaii. We were fortunate enough to be in both places in 2009. I loved every minute of both trips- even getting through airport security (which was a means to a happy end.)

11. Talking with my (almost) 1 year old daughter. Hearing her say "bye, bye, daddy," "Hi, daddy," "cheese"- when I take her picture! It's like she decided to start talking yesterday and she suddenly knows 30 words. Wow!

12. Nursing Trinity. I don't know how much longer we'll do this, but it is such a sweet time for us. She has 5 teeth, but has learned pretty quickly that we don't tolerate biting. :-)

When I re-read this list, it is clear to me that I enjoy it when people sleep.